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Division of Student Services
HIV / AIDS Education Program

AIDS Awareness Week

The main thrust of HIV/AIDS Awareness Week is to increase awareness while addressing the educational needs and concerns of the school and community. Administrators, teachers, parents, students, non-instructional staff and community leaders are encouraged to participate in activities scheduled during the district sponsored AIDS Awareness Week (last week of April). The following list is suggested activities to present during AIDS Awareness Week:

  • Curriculum Lessons (Approved)
  • Grade Level Presentations During Morning Announcements
  • Public Address Announcements Regarding Daily Activities
  • Plays and Dramatic Presentations
  • Poster Contests
  • Essay Contests
  • Guest Speakers (Speakers' Bureau)
  • AIDS Memorial Quilt
  • Community Workshops
  • Video Presentations (Approved)
  • Media Center Displays
  • Assemblies
  • Role Playing Activities by Students and Teachers
  • Literature on HIV/AIDS (Approved)
  • Closed Circuit Television Productions
  • Rap Activities and Songs
  • Distribution of Resource Materials
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