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Division of Student Services
HIV / AIDS Education Program

HIV / AIDS Curriculum

Developed by the M-DCPS HIV/AIDS Education program in support of the CDC and in collaboration with Dr. Bruce Lenes, MD, Medical Director, Community Blood Centers of South Florida, Inc., Ms. Marilyn Volker, Ed.D., Sexologist and other M-DCPS health and curriculum professionals, the M-DCPS HIV/AIDS curriculum, AIDS: GET the Facts!, is an instructional guide that provides a series of general objectives, lessons, activities and guidelines for providing instruction in K-12. 

The AIDS: Get the Facts! Curriculum instruction is provided by:

  • K-5      (classroom teacher)

  • 6-9      (Science Teacher)

  • 10        (Health/Life Management Skills Teacher and/or Personal Fitness Teacher)

  • 11-12  (American History, American Government, Economics Teacher)

HIV/AIDS content teachers are trained on the curriculum and can participate in yearly professional development about HIV/AIDS related content.  The lessons can be infused in various subjects as illustrated in the focus wheel below.  The idea is to ensure a well-balanced and sequentially instructional program in the classrooms.

Focus Wheel

The curriculum is available in the following formats:

Note: The prior Resource Guide will be re-labeled…Curriculum Guide

Additionally, the following: “Curriculum Guide” is available to assist teachers in planning and presenting the required lessons on Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) and Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS).  The guide provides useful information, teaching strategies, and resources to teachers for grade/age appropriate dissemination to students in grades kindergarten through twelve.  

A locally-produced videotape, entitled "Condom Sense," is available for use as an instructional resource. The running time for the video is approximately twenty minutes. The video, which is available from the Audiovisual Film and Video Distribution Center, is to be used in conjunction with the required five days of instruction based upon the Miami-Dade County Public Schools curriculum, "AIDS: Get The Facts!"

Teachers may use this tape to support both the Middle and Senior High School lesson plans that require lecture and discussion on the proper use of condoms. While the video demonstrates proper condom use, it advocates abstinence as the only certain way to prevent sexual transmission of HIV.

The lesson is presented in both a Middle School and Senior High School version. The scripts are virtually identical, but the ages of the student actors correlate to the intended use. In addition, each lesson is presented in three languages, in the following order on the tape:

  • Middle School, English Version
  • Senior High School, English Version
  • Middle School, Spanish Version
  • Senior High School, Spanish Version
  • Middle School, Haitian Creole Version
  • Senior High School, Haitian Creole Version

Visual slides to complement instruction can be accessed by clicking on the following: SLIDES.

NOTE:  We are currently working to update/revise our HIV/AIDS curriculum for the 2010-2011 academic year so it is consistent with the Next Generation Sunshine State Standards.

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