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Division of Student Services
HIV / AIDS Education Program

Forms & Letters

Required Letter to Parents Regarding Implementation of the District HIV / AIDS Curriculum

As you are aware, HIV/AIDS Education is required for all students, kindergarten through grade twelve. However, Florida law, 1003.42(3), allows parents who do not wish their child to participate in the AIDS curriculum to opt out by sending a letter to the principal. The attached sample letter to parents, translated in Haitian Creole and Spanish, is provided to assist you in the notification process.

Please provide a copy of this letter, on school stationery, to parents of all students about to begin instruction involved with any HIV/AIDS related curricula. As an alternative, in grades where a permission letter for Human Growth and Development is required, that letter will suffice, provided HIV/AIDS Education is included with a listing of other curricular topics.

Where special activities related to HIV/AIDS education are provided outside the scope of the curriculum, a similar notification letter should be provided to parents.

Sample Letter to Parents
Sample Letter to Parents (Spanish)
Sample Letter to Parents (Creole)
Sample Letter to Parents
Sample Letter to Parents (Spanish)
Sample Letter to Parents (Creole)
Parents/Guardians Consent Form
No law requires you to notify the School Board about HIV/AIDS. HIV-related information is confidential. If you sign this form, HIV-related information will be given to those principals/site supervisors, teachers, paraprofessionals, and school support personnel working closely with your child, per your designation.
Consent to Release of HIV-Related Information (FM-5185) (Available in Spanish and Creole)
Speakers' Bureau Forms
Navigate to the Speaker's Bureau page for complete information on this community volunteer effort.
Speakers' Bureau Presentation Request Form
Speakers' Bureau Presentation Evaluation
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