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HIV / STD Prevention Program
Ms. Mia Lafrance, Project Manager
1501 NE 2nd Avenue, Suite 409
Miami, FL 33132
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Procedures for Student Records Citing HIV/AIDS

Increasingly frequent reports and records of students with HIV/AIDS are being received, particularly in the pre-kindergarten programs. Physicians, parents, legal guardians, and agency officials are appraising M-DCPS teachers, principals, and other employees about students with HIV/AIDS. Some parents and legal guardians also are appraising M-DCPS of their own HIV/AIDS status.

  • Confidentiality of data concerning persons alleged to have HIV/AIDS must be strictly maintained.
  • Staff should regard reports and records about HIV or AIDS as inappropriate for discussion, and must keep information about the HIV/AIDS status of an individual absolutely confidential. Staff may NOT seek medical data or any other confirmation or reports regarding students with HIV/AIDS.
  • Medical records may have citations about HIV/AIDS or about medication unique to the treatment of HIV/AIDS. Administrators should identify medical records, attendance data, and any other statements/documentation containing HIV/AIDS citations to:

Ms. Rosa Pache, Project Manager
HIV/AIDS Education
Phone: 305-995-7273

  • In circumstances where an HIV/AIDS student's natural parent(s) or legal guardian(s) seek(s) school district assistance in coping with HIV/AIDS, and authorizes such disclosure, immediate notification should be given directly to the HELP CENTER.
  • Subsequent to disclosure authorization, when need for special district support of an HIV/AIDS student is determined by the HELP Center, procedures will be implemented immediately, and principals and worksite supervisors will be appraised.
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